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        2. Jiangsu Mingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
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          Founded in 2005, Jiangsu Mingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of sulfuric acid and intermediates of reactive dyes such as H Acid, 4-(Ethylsulfurate sulfonyl)aniline and K acid. Located in Lingang Industrial Park (Yanweigang town) of Guanyun County, Jiangsu Mingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. enjoys good location and convenient traffic conditions for we are very close to Lianyungang ...

          • Sales department
          • Tel: 0518-88585530
          • Material procurement Xu Yechong
          • Tel: 0518-88585008
             P2190054   P3220097   P3220095   P2190055   Top-10 enterprise   Level-3 enterprise   Tax prize 2010